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The pursuit of genocidal policies against Tamils by successive Sri Lankan

governments peaked in May, 2009, when according to the UN, an estimated

70,000 innocent civilians were deliberately slaughtered by the Rajapaksa regime.


A 26-year civil war officially ended with this monstrous war crime. However, the

war, and the genocide, goes on for Tamils in their traditional homelands in the

north and the east of the country, where a brutal military occupation continues

to oppress the population.


In response, thousands of Tamils around the world are fighting back, with words

and actions that are gradually alerting the world to the reality of Sri Lanka today.

Tamilfightback.com aims to flush out the facts and give people the discomforting

truth that the Rajapaksa regime spends billion of dollars – of taxpayers money –

trying to hide.


The world is gradually waking up to the lies and falsehoods disseminated

globally by the government, and its’ apologists. Tamilfightback.com is a

significant contributor to this awakening.